Friday, March 8, 2013

Sebastopol: PG&E Smart Meters

Good Grief.  PG&E employees are being attacked by whack-o Granola Nazis (a.k.a. the Hairy Armpit Club) in Sebastopol for installing PG&E Smart Meters. 

The Hairy Armpit Club is for certain the Smart Meter PG&E devices are from the devil and are certain to interfere with their transcendental meditations attempting to communicate with the space angel, Michael. 

Wrapping aluminum foil around their homes won't eliminate the evil PG&E Smart Meter devices!  They all should move to the mountains and live off the grid.  However, these same Granola Nazi nut-jobs all have cell phones, iPads, etc.  They would be the LAST to give up their modern devices and espresso should push come to shove. 

Suck it.  Shave your armpits and see yourselves for the fascists you really are. 

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