Thursday, March 22, 2018

M's Ex-Boyfriend - Dodged a Bullet

Some months back I blogged about M's boyfriend - disaster touchdown.  See, M got divorced thinking that there were tons of Prince Charmings out there just waiting for to be in a meaningful relationship.


Yes, M's ex-husband is a bag of issues plus some.  However, he was a decent provider and loved their kids to the best of his f** cupped ability.  I guess he loved M, the best of his ability.  M's ex husband is a broken man.  I can say this as I have known him for 20 years.

I don't really blame M for divorcing her husband.  He was a controlling jerk.  However, since M's divorce the guys she's dated make her ex-husband glow in holiness in comparison.  Personally, I would have never thought that possible unless I witnessed it firsthand.

The guy M was serious about, let's just call him N, actually moved in with her.  N inherited a wad of cash that he blew on trips, drugs, women, cars, etc.  N was financially hurting when he got involved with M.  See, M had the paid off house and was more than willing to cook, clean, and take care of N. N saw an instant meal ticket.   All M wanted in return was that he get his proverbial feces together and file back taxes, get a bank account, get insurance, etc., and that running away from adult responsibilities was not cool.

Myself and one other friend of M's voiced our honest opinions about N.  There was one point where I thought M would never speak to me again because I was to brutally up front about what I felt.  Myself and another close friend of M's  saw disaster.

Well, M finally got wise and dumped N.  She told him to move out and take all his stuff with him.  I forgot to mention that N is a raging alcoholic who routinely passes out in people's yards walking home from the bars.  Still, the breakup really hurt M.  For whatever reason, she truly cared about him.  All I and another close friend saw was that she would be forever straddled with this irresponsible man-child.  I had future visons of M pushing him around in a wheel chair and changing his depends.

Well, I just got word that N has cancer and has 3-5 years to live.  M dodged a bullet.  Thank God she broke up with him.  Not only would have N dragged down M financially, she would be playing hospice nurse.

N's own daughter does not even want him.  She is a new mother and has a husband who can see right through N's bull.  This fledgling young family has not time for a lying, alcoholic, dependent, albatross weighing them down.  N needs to look elsewhere for sympathy.

N's is now in the hospital.  M goes to visit.  N sets off all monitoring alarms as M enters as he thinks M is there to take him home and 'take care of' him.  Nope.  She just wanted to say hi and wish him well.  The look of desperation in N's eyes is too much for M.  M truly cares about N but just can't handle the burden of taking care of him as he was a lying ass during their relationship.  He is not her responsibility.  That's the curse of being a person who cares about others and M feel guilty.  Yes, their relationship is over but she still wanted to stop by to wish N well.

What went wrong for N and why doesn't anybody want to be by his side during his dying days?  Here goes.

N dodged personal responsibility all his life.  He lied, cheated, stole, and broke many hearts along the way.  He didn't care back then.  People were pawns he used for his own personal gain, whatever that happened to be at the moment.  Now he's faced with terminal cancer.  He's alone.  He needs somebody.  His tune has suddenly changed and he's now trying to desperately cling to anybody he thinks can help him.  Nobody is answering his pleas as he's crapped on everybody.


Ain't she a bitch.

Brain Gas Emissions (aka brain farts)

Where do I even start?  So much to rant about and so little time.  You all keep coming back to read my un-politically correct points of view that are bare and brutal.  You would not want me any other way.  If you want meaningless fluff watch and read mainstream news. 

Wait.  I should not bash all mainstream news outlets and journalists.  There are those journalists out there really trying to dig deep to get the real story without personal bias.  The problem?  WE DON'T PAY ATTENTION TO THEM.  See, we all want the National Enquirer tabloid news.  We don't know the difference anymore between real, investigative journalism and tabloid gossip trash.  Yes, the two do mesh at times but for the most part what really ends up mattering does not have attention grabbing headlines.  It will be a boring story with lots of THINKING to connect the dots.  We are too stupid and lazy as a nation to deal with hard analytical thinking.  We are all too busy jumping from one electronic gadget to the next tapping on click bait to find out "5 easy ways to financial freedom" or some other un-vetted rubbish.

Speaking about jumping from one thing to I go.

We went out to dinner last night at a very popular restaurant.  The seating is a little tight so you end up chatting with the next table due to the close approximation.  The woman was from Yountville and I'm not sure where her man companion was from.  We got on the subject of the recent murder of three women at a veteran facility as it was right near where she lived.  Well, she heard from a friend of a friend's hairdresser (they know ALL) that the murderer had an infatuation with one of the women killed and she rejected his advances.  He was getting creepy and that's why he was kicked out.

The most violent place to be these days is at work or school.  It makes Oakland look like a peaceful paradise in comparison.  Add that some nutty stalker wants to kill you makes it even more uncomfortable.  Most women who are murdered are by killed by an ex or a guy they rejected.  O.J. Simpson (cough, cough).

Saturday, February 24, 2018

We Can't Afford to Rebuild

....that's the battle cry of thousands of those who lost their homes in the October fires.  We have personal friends who are in this boat.  The cost of materials and labor, if they are lucky enough to find a reputable contractor, add up very quickly.

Fire victims want a break of the cost of material and labor.  However, where is this price break going to come from?  Suppliers aren't non-profit charitable organizations.  Contractors are not non-profit charitable organizations, but often times end up in non-profit situations.  Many contractors lose money on jobs they bid incorrectly.  Then there is the question of labor.  Most workers in the residential construction realm are illegal Mexicans making $20 per hour with no benefits.  Are the fire victims suggesting that the Mexicans have their slave wages cut even more?  Construction labor doesn't get any cheaper than that, folks.  The people who have the skill to rebuild your home can't even find housing for themselves.

Good luck.

2018 winter Olympics

I have not been paying too much attention this 'round to the Olympics.  Quiet Rage has been busy traveling and observing what would be summer Olympic sports.

With that being said, I'm a sucker for anything on skates or ice.

I can't help but notice the number of winter Olympic athletes representing the United States that come from the states Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota.  We have a monopoly on it, folks.  See, there is something to do in the wintertime when all you think we do is a whole bunch of nothing.  We take that nothing and train for an Olympic sport. 

Which begs the question.....What are YOU doing????

Which brings me to the definition of sport and art.  So many things in the Olympics are judged by a panel.  If something is judged, it's not a sport, but rather an art.  If something is judged objectively using time or some other non-partisan means, it's a sport.

Ice dancing, pairs, figure skating:  It's a very physical ART like dance.  Those scores may be determined by the mood of the judging panel.  On the flip side:  Hockey, curling, skiing, etc., are SPORTS because they don't depend on a panel of judges but rather objective means like time and hard scores.

I guess I'm liking the Olympics less and less.  For starters, the people representing their country are not even from there -- especially when it comes to skating.   They all go shopping for countries like parents go shopping for schools for their kids with the preset idea of where can they go that is going to benefit them the most?

There are really only about three Olympic trainers, who train just about all the skaters competing.  Did you watch it?  The same trainer had their mug with all the different countries.  The trainers kept making after performance appearances in the kiss and cry box from several countries.  One after performance shot would show the trainer with the USA skater.  The next after performance shot they would be with the French skater, etc.  One trainer.  One training site in the USA training multiple counties.  IMHO that makes them ALL skaters from the USA if they travel to live and train here and their coach is from here.

The South Korean pairs skaters are washed up US skaters who only skated for Korea because they did not have a shot for representing the USA.  They don't even speak Korean nor have they have any real ties there other than the female's grandma or something of the sort.  Of course, they manufactured and embellished the ties to Korea.  The US male skater who decided to skate for Korea was whiter than Vanilla Ice who claimed Korean citizenship just a couple years ago.

What exactly am I ranting about?  I don't know.  The Olympics are a bunch of sh** and most of the USA team comes from Minnesota.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Another (yawn) mass shooting

Another mass shooting in a school.  Sometimes there is no simple answer to crappy situations.  Some people are just at their core bad and unfixable.  No amount of counseling, therapy, drugs, etc., can “fix” some people.  Is it the school’s responsibility to play psychoanalyst and suggest treatment and send the student to jail if the student doesn’t follow through?  I don’t think so.

Nowadays teachers and the school system can’t do diddly because the students they are trying to teach are not taught how to respect anything nor anybody.  Rules are for everybody else.  If a kid gets a bad grade, you can bet the parents are on the phone to the teacher advocating for a better grade although the student does not deserve it.  God help if disciplinary action is needed.  Parents are the first ones to howl that Their Little Johnny is completely innocent or the teacher is out to get him.

There is so much pressure on kids these days to have over-the-top schedules they are one tick off from going off the deep end due to the stress.  Frankly, I’m surprised there isn’t more violence in schools.   Gun violence is the symptom of a much deeper problem.

I’m going to spare you the social media outcry on both ends of the gun control spectrum.  Knee-jerk, emotional reactions plastered all over social media are for the self-righteous who think they are holier than thou.  Ametures.  Don’t bite on the political postings or postings claiming you should be doing this or that.  Postings of such are devisive and polarizing our population.  Everybody is out trying to shove their belief system down everybody’s throats.  Everybody is on their soapbox.  Everybody thinks they are right.

Be mindful of the source of your information and news.  Social media is thick with half-truths wanting to manipulate you.  Getting your news and forming options from social media that has not been vetted is dangerous.  Anybody can write anything and post anything.....and they do.  Get your news from multiple sources and from multiple nations.

Free speech and freedom of the press can be a double edged sword.  Nobody ever said that what is printed or spoken has to be truth.  Most of the time, it isn’t.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Millennial Breakfast

The Silicon Valley trend has reached Sonoma County.  The trend is standing around and waiting for an hour for to eat breakfast at diners.  The longer you stand around outside with a bunch of people waiting to be seated in a teeny diner, the more prestigious you are.

So cool.

Quiet Rage scratches her head at this trend.  Breakfast is the easiest meal to make at home with cheap ingredients.  I don't understanding paying $19.99 for eggs benedict - and that's sans tax and tip.  It kills me to see people pay tons of money for simple foods.

Are people THAT adverse to cooking?  How do they afford going out to eat all the time?  How do they *really* know what's in their food and where it came from?

Wait.  Did you hear that?  It's opportunity knocking.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Dinner with Fire Victims

Our old neighborhood, Coffey Park, was completely burned down in October.  We still have friends who lived there and lost everything.  The frustration, confusion, and hopelessness they feel is unbearable.  Surviving the fire was the easy part.

Dealing with insurance companies and trying to figure out even *if* they are going to stay and rebuild is overwhelming.  There are so many moving parts to this puzzle that even if the fire victims figure out one piece, the other piece they thought they had put back together no longer fits.  Oh, then there are the constant solicitations from carpetbaggers who want to use the fire victims for personal profits.

I don't blame any of the fire victims for not even wanting to deal with any of it anymore and just leave.  Sonoma County et al SAY they want to help life get back to normal, but there are too many bureaucrats, agencies, regulations, stipulations, policies, codes, etc., all talking over each other giving conflicting information.  They can't make a decision in solidarity and stick to it if their lives depended on it as their are too many cooks in the kitchen.  One entity will agree, the other will disagree or throw up red tape and yet even more obstacles.

Who wants to deal with all that?  Like the fire victims haven't suffered enough?

Sonoma County:  We can't get out of our own way to rebuild what was lost.