Friday, July 20, 2018

Russian Influence in Politics

What, prey tell, did the Russians disclose that was not the truth?  The Democratic party is corrupt and they got caught.  Sorry about the timing.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again, if we have to depend on Rusky intel for the truth on our government, we have bigger problems than one election result. 

I personally want THANK the Russians for exposing our government for what it really is.  BTW, it isn't just democrats who are corrupt.  They all are. 

Be clear that this is no endorsement for He Who Shall Not Be Named.  

Again, WHERE'S SNOWDEN???????  Exiled in RUSSIA!!!  Coincidence?  I think not.  That's what we really need to know.  He was being hailed by liberals as a hero for exposing our government, now that the liberals are under the belief Russia influenced the election for a result they don't like, he is now the traitor.  Vice versa on the conservative points of view.  Snowden was a traitor but now he's a hero as He Who Shall Not Be Named is POTUS. 

Make up your mind, people.  You can't suck and blow at the same time. 

Monday, July 16, 2018

Scarlett Beaver

My deepest sympathy for this poor child.  This came straight out of Sunday's Press Democrat.  The only name that would have been worse would have been Sandy.
I can't make this stuff up, people. 

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Trade War With China

Foreign affairs are a delicate thing.  We all know that the current administration in the White House (I hate to call him by name) is about as graceful as a bull in a china cabinet.  The state of the world is in a very fragile balance.

As much as I want to give the human race more credit than it deserves for being peaceful and loving, there are countries and along with their policies that are inherently cruel and murderous.  They will gladly slit our throats in our sleep.  We are naive if we think otherwise.  Sorry to tell you that the world can't be saved donning t-shirts and marches down Main Street. 

It's human nature to want to protect our own.  We are territorial animals with a survival instinct.  In moments like now with the trade issues with China, we need to really take a step backwards and detach ourselves from our animal-instinct selves and inject some logic. 

Pay attention people.  All of your electronic gadgets are made in CHINA.  They are supplying all of our computers, cell phones, etc.  If we upset them too much, they will purposely plant destructive computer viruses, worms, and trojan horses into our stuff - along with tracking capabilities.  

My sources state that they have probably done that already.

Pay attention even more closely, people.  How did China become such a manufacturing mecca?  Because American companies saw cheap labor and lax environmental rules, and moved in like flies on feces.

We are our own worst enemy.  We are reaping what we sowed. 

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Car Shows and Peacocks

Take a good look at the above two pictures.  Do you get it?  Each species is fanning feathers trying to attract admiration and accolades. 

Humans are no different than other animals on this planet.  We have instincts whether we love them or loathe them.

The above picture was taken today at a car show in Petaluma, California.  Yes, it was directly across the street from the now world famous Lagunitas Brewery.  Believe it or not, there are other breweries that are just as worthy of attention like the 101 North Brewery, who actually hosted the car show today.  I also have to point out the dilapidated windmill sign for the Green Mill Inn which has been closed down for about 15 years now.  I have many memories with the Green Mill (aka Mean Swill) including business meetings and wedding receptions.  The place was old school.  If both owners would still be alive and able to manage the place, I'm sure they would now be targeted by Hipsters and other Yuppies coming up from Marin, SF, and other South Bay Scum driving BMW's wanting that Green Mill experience complete with Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer and cheese curds.

I'm off on a tangent.  Sorry.  I'll reel it back.  This is about a car show and Petaluma. 

I have to give the Petaluma beer industry one thing no matter which brewery is your favorite.  They all support the community.  Cheers. 

Saturday, June 30, 2018


Mannequins creep me out.  It's like when some people have an irrational fear of clowns.  My irrational fear is mannequins.  It's even worse when they are tattered and holding signs trying to fool motorists that an actual live person was hired as a sign waver.  I think mannequins are cheap and tacky PLUS they are creepy.  I always think they will come to life and somehow murder me in my sleep.

Now on a completely separate note and switching gears completely. 

A person I know from work is leaving for England on soon.  She's been having an affair for the last 7-8 years or so with some dude who if from there.  He's twice divorced with 5 kids.  Perhaps the third marriage will be the charm?  Anybody who is twice divorced definitely has issues.  It's NEVER one person's fault when a marriage goes hamajang (Hawaiian slang I stole from my daughter) no matter how perfect we view ourselves and want to believe responsibility rests totally on the other person.

Here's the problem.  She is still married.  One of her kids still lives at home.  She is going to England to meet up with Boyfriend as his son is getting married and Boyfriend wants to parade her around as his new spouse.  Great.  She is being initiated to the entire family. 

She finally had the guts to tell her husband.  She kind of told the truth about it minus the fact that she's been jetting off to foreign countries to meet up with Boyfriend over the years.  Deep down I know here husband knew what was really going on. 

Here's the kicker.  She told her husband Wednesday night she's taking off for England to meet up with Boyfriend.  She will return in home in two weeks so she and her still-legal husband and family can all take off for a family vacation.


Let me get this straight.  She drops a bomb on her husband telling him she's having an affair and taking off to England next week to meet up with Boyfriend.  She then thinks she will come home like nothing happened and take off on a family vacation a few days later.

If I were Husband I would pack up her stuff and change the locks on the door when she leaves.  I would then follow up with a text message stating not to bother coming home as Boyfriend is ALL hers.   ENJOY.  and BUH-BYE...byeeeeeeeee

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Overpopulation, Migration, and the Health of the Planet

I have a news flash for you.  People bring problems.  The more people, the more problems.  People who try to migrate (yes, that includes all us white folk from Europe) bring their problems with them.  None of it gets magically left behind.  We are all products of our culture and environment and we desperately attempt to cling to it for generations upon generations.  If not, then why all the labels of Swedish-American, Asian-American, etc., and the proliferation of DNA testing kits to "prove" where we come from?  Who really cares?

The earth is now swarming with an epidemic of humans who think they can out smart Mother Nature and other laws of the universe.

Trust me.  We're not that smart.

The earth has finite resources.  The earth is not disposable.  The more people, the more demand for precious resources.  The earth has become too overpopulated and fragmented to effectively govern.  We can thank the internet and modern technology for the shattering of any cohesiveness.  Back in the day we only had a limited source for news and information.  Today any asshole with a cell phone can touch off a near civil war.  Go ahead, site freedom of speech.  However, if I wanted to hear from an asshole I would have farted. 

There's a common theme with immigration happening these days.  People will get out to advocate for immigrants.  That's great.  However, they leave out the biggest issue - WHO WILL PAY FOR THEM?   Tossing a few dollars at them to mow your lawn does not count.  They will need a sustainable income.  We want our stuff for cheap, so we pay them less than slave wages and then get pissed when they live 15 to a house and drive an eyesore of a car that is parked on our street. 

I'm rambling.  I know. It's my blog and I'll write what I observe.  Move on if you don't like it. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Migrating to New Zealand

I am in the process of completing forms for a working holiday visa for my daughter who is heading off to New Zealand.  Who knows, she may even take up permanent residency eventually.  She was invited there.  I guess that's a big deal because they don't just let anybody in. 

Now dealing with their immigration policies and rules they run a tight ship on how people enter their country.  You must have an employable skill, speak and understand English, and have the means to support yourself - including the means to leave the country (you may be asked to provide proof).  You can't be pregnant nor have a disease.  They even do a character check to make sure you won't harm New Zealand's positive reputation. 

Their policies are way different than ours.

New Zealand is the place people are trying to immigrate to.  Why?  Because it's clean, safe, controlled, and it lacks drama.